okay, I need to stop making these quick thingies and knuckle down to make some srs art

but before that have a quick Danny Fenton/Phantom with his pokemon of choice Ninjask/Shedinja 

It’s a simple idea and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done before.

now to the srs artmobile


mega gengar has the most confusing anatomy ever, man


Drew a Froslass with icehorns rather than those ice chunks on her head. Since snowrunt can evolve into her or glalie and glalie had some pretty well defined horns I figured the icechunks were broken horns anyway.


Thanks to Humberto for these little Adorable Litwicks for my birthday! They will appear in my deviant Shuantal set <3. Wish list -


Cofagrigus for nice and kind mate - clinteastgroove!

Sorry for takin’ it so long, I’ve had problem with internets ;_;


I love Pumpkaboo but I don’t know what to think of Gourgeist XD