Name: Eurydice
Nature: Careful
Ability: Harvest

Rumor has it that a ghostly woman quietly wanders  around the nearby forest every night to guard her “children”: the Pokemon wildlife that reside in her domain. The locals call her the Forest’s bride, since she always is seen wearing a lovely white dress. When travelers have tried to approach her, she simply melts into the trees…

(This was a gift Pokemon I got and I need to add in a team OTL))


My Sableye, ChaosLove, always has my back >:]


Arkkam: I’m.. pretty sure I got hit with some sort of hypnosis, or something. I’d seen a light in the distance and had tried to find out what it was, seeing as I had no hope out there anyway. There before me were two pokemon that I’d never seen before, but now I know them as a litwick - the source of the light - and a phantump. My memory after seeing them… It— I just can’t recall what happened. What happened after my free will and memory came back to me, however, is something I won’t forget in a long time.

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Ghastly and Litwick by 1212m


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